History of the Club

Pietersburg Club is an exclusive  gentleman’s club -founded just after the Anglo Boer war in 1902 the club celebrated 110 years of existence on 31 July 2012 this year.  A venue where friends and acquaintances meet and where business associates talk and do business in a relaxed atmosphere.

Membership Benefits

  • Reciprocity clubs
  • Membership rates
  • Newsletters
  • Members bar – pool and dart competitions
  • Restaurant specials
  • Adverts for members
  • Room discounts
  • Members news /posts
  • Board of directors-list of names
  • Suggestions and complaints – compliments
  • Birthdays of members

No where will you find so much tradition and history – based on business principles encourages our members to stay  – together with top class facilities,  quality service, value for money in a relaxed atmosphere
facilities for board meetings, formal dinners, seminars functions, private celebrations.

The club furthermore offers a delightful ladies bar, an exclusive member’s bar spacious conference facilities, excellent overnight accommodation, safe parking and strict security.